8 Best Adhesives and When to Use Them

8 best stampin up adhesives and when to use them

snailSnail stands for “Simple, Neat, Affordable, In-Line”. It is my go-to adhesive for almost every project. It isn’t super strong, so I don’t use it for assembling 3D projects, but it is perfect for layering paper for cards and embellishments. The 2 things to remember when using it is to remember to flip open the cover, and that the little ridgy part is the top. Think of it as a grip for your finger so it doesn’t slip away when using it.

Tear and Tape
tearandtapeI love this stuff! It is a replacement for Sticky Strip if you’ve ever used that. It is as strong as sticky strip, which means it is the ideal adhesive for assembling boxes and 3D projects that need to hold up to any weight. The advantage of Tear and Tape versus Sticky Strip is that Tear and Tape can be torn rather than cut and the backing is easier to remove. All around, it is much more user friendly than Sticky Strip. If you’ve ever used Score Tape, Tear and Tape is pretty much the exact same thing and is about the same price.

Fast Fuse
fastfuseThis adhesive is fairly new to Stampin’ Up! It is sort of a cross between Snail and Tear and Tape. It’s in a dispenser much like that of Snail, but it is much stronger and is nearly as strong as Tear and Tape. Use this when you are working with something that just doesn’t seem to want to stay put with snail, but you also want the convenience of a snail-like dispenser. I think this stuff is a little pricey, so I use it somewhat sparingly.

dimensionalsThese are the little foam hexagons that add all of the dimension to your embellishments. They are also great for sticking things to pesky glimmer paper. They are pretty strong little guys and they are super affordable, so I use them like crazy and love them so much. The trick is to NOT pull off the backing before you attach them to your project. Pull a few off of the sheet, stick them to your project, THEN remove the backing on each of the dimensional you’ve added to your project. Also, the edges of the dimensional sheet are perfect for small things. Just snip a piece off of the edge and you have a mini dimensional!

Glue Dots
gluedotsOh how I love glue dots! You can use these for practically anything, but they are perfect for adhering ribbon and tiny embellishment pieces. The trick is to not try to peel them off of the backing strip first. Put your ribbon or paper up to the strip, press and pull away. The glue dot will be stuck to your ribbon or paper so you don’t have to deal with sticky stuff on your fingers.

tombowTombow is best for when you need to adhere something and have a little wiggle room. Lots of people love using it to put boxes together and even to attach paper to their cards. It’s very strong and has a somewhat slow drying time, meaning you have time to adjust the placement of whatever you are attaching. This glue is messy and can gloop out of the bottle really quickly, so I don’t like using it. I’m one of those crafters that can’t handle having sticky fingers!

2-way Glue Pen
2wayglueThis glue is called 2-way because if you adhere your paper together immediately after applying it, the bond is permanent. If you let the glue dry before adhering your paper together, it is a temporary glue. Some people apply this to the back of their clear mount stamps to get a better adhesion to their clear blocks. This also has a small tip, so it is easy to use on smaller pieces of paper.

Fine-tip Glue Pen
finetopglueThis is a new adhesive that is awesome! It is a liquid glue that comes in a bottle with a super teeny tiny tip – about the size of a needle – so that it can be used on the smallest of embellishments. It is perfect for adhering sequins or even die cuts that have very intricate details.

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